Swap Trout Dry fly swap

I had planned on putting those flies in the mail yesterday, but I went fishing instead. Crappies and Gills on a 3 wgt are kind of fun.

The fles went out this afternoon.

Tight Lines and Best Fishes,

I just finished yet another huge school project to the tune of 35 pages. After I catch up on my sleep tonight, I'll have some free time to tie. My flies should be done by this weekend.
Mike, Ron just got both of your flies today...Beautiful!!!!! Love those stimis and Ron I've never seen a BWO done like that before... :hmmm: Makes me think I'm going to have to get some of that shade of deer.

I think they're f....ing PHAT!!!! At the moment I'm working on the original sofa pillas. Hopefully we'll be getting these flies sooner then expected.


They don't look like much, but I've taken more fish on those BWO's than any other pattern I've used. Most of the time I don't even hackle them, and they still float like corks. I get that color deer hair at Cabelas, it's the only place I've found that carries it. With flies that size a little deer hair goes a long ways.

These Wulff's are kicking my a$$. I'll be done on time though. I wanted a challenge, and I guess I got it. My practice #12's & #14's went pretty well, but I'm tying #16's for the swap. That's when things got harder for this amateur. Oh well, all in good fun...just gotta run & buy yet another batch of ginger hackle. :beathead:
Briar Rabbit to Mother Goose...the package is in the mail....uh, nevermind, but seriously it is in the mail. Should be to you in a day or two. :thumb:

Scott Behn

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Cool looking Caddis bugs there Icanfly...just got them Sat.

I think I need only 3 more flies and then we'll have'em all, lets keep it going fellas...