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Thanks Scott. They kicked a#$ two weeks ago in the evening at the Yak. Probably hooked 20 or so in about 2 hours on them. :thumb:
They are finally done! Now I remember why I don't fish small drys. They are soooooo time consuming to tie. Practice makes better though. Will be in the mail in the AM. Oh yeah it is AM. So much for sleep. Going fishing in the morning. (When it gets light that is) :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
The flies have flown. Well, they'll go out in this mornings mail (Fri). You should get them by Sat. I had to tie 2 different sizes since my local dealers ran out of the hackle & hooks I needed for the #16's. So, half are 12's and half are 16's. C'ya!! :beer2:

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This has nothing to do with this swap but it was something I came across in my search on how to tie a Madam X Parachute. I was searching the web on/for instructions and was in google and it referenced this site with this thread. So be careful out there because your comments are nation wide.

Okay folks I have 5 sets in hand...dutchman and tundra are on their way...D3 whats up with yours? On their way or have you not sent them yet?
Depending on D3, I plan on mailing these guys out on Monday.

Okay folks got all the flies, David your's arrived today in fine shape. I'll be mailing these out tomorrow and hopefully everyone gets their flies by week's end. Does anybody have the know-how on posting pics in the gallery? If somebody does could you please take some pics for us and post them.

I have included both patterns of the Sofa Pillow...the original and the improved variation, enjoy!!!!

thanks to all who participated the flies look awesome and I enjoyed the swap.

Thanks Scott for putting this all together. Sorry, I can't be much help with the picture taking end of things. That's something I need to take some time and figure out myself.

Thanks again.


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thanks Scott... sorry they got there late.
My picture taking ability is very poor so unless i figure out how to do it, i prolly should not be the one..
Thanks for hosting
No problem with me who does the pics. I don't even care too much about the pics to be honest. I'll be getting the real flies in my hot little hands & I can look at them all I want then.

But alas, I suppose for the sake of posterity that pictures are the accepted thing to do.
Wooooohoooo! Got the flies today. Superb job by one and all. I'll get the pics done this evening, hopefully, and try to get them posted in the AM.

Scott, thanks for running a first class swap.


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