Lines for older Redington spey rod

Quite a few years ago I bought a Redington 12'6" spey rod that's listed for 7/8 weight lines. I bought it right when Redington was bought out by Sage and this was part of some older inventory that Sage blasted out the door at super low prices. (I don't think i paid much more then $100 for it!) Being the impulse buyer that I am, I bought one and have never fished it. I know spey lines have progressed rapidly in the last decade and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on lines for this rod?
Thank you for your help!


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Try a long belly WF8 line on it before you buy anything. They were really a POS rod. Many blew up.
FWIW I was one of their sales reps and tried not to sell them. Good Luck!!

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