First serious vise

Hey all, looking to upgrade my cabelas vise. Anyone have suggestion? Want to keep it simple, probably not looking to travel with it much, like to tie from size 4 to size 20. Also like to keep it inexpensive as possible! Been tying for 1 year

Never had a rotary function so I’m not sure if I need one...

Thank you for your suggestions!


AKA: Gregory Mine
“Want to keep it simple” I remember saying that once....

Pedestal or clamp on? Get to a fly shop and sit down and try a few out.

Almost all are good vices, you have to find the one that fits you.
I have a Dyna-King Squire. It is pedestal. I use it at home and when traveling due to smaller size. I also have a Regal pedestal - awesome hook holding power. I prefer the pedestal type because you can use it anywhere. Many picnic tables tops are too thick and some tables/counters do not have enough room for the C-clamp.
I have a Griffin Montana Mongoose Rotary. It is all I need. There are a lot of good vices out there, hard to go wrong. This vise is made in Kalispell Mt. Pretty sure Renzetti is made in Penn. I like shopping at home businesses

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