Eastside bass

Went fishing last week for bass on a desert lake. Interesting trip. Saw three of these guys on the way in:

Arrived at the lake only to find about ten ticks crawling on me, my glasses and my boat. Always makes me itch for several hours just thinking about them.
Bluegill beds in the shallows:

Fishing was good with a bunch of bass from small to about three pounds. All on top water bugs- although the fact that I rarely try anything but topwater bugs is sure to skew my underwater to topwater success rate:



Walked out in the dark to the sounds of not so distant coyotes.
Snakes don’t care one little bit about us and just want to be left alone and not stepped on. They eat mice not people. I’m glad you didn’t let it stop your fishing. If it’s really hot, they’ll go to the waters edge to cool off and snooze a bit. So there’s that. Scan the ground where ever your at before stepping they have unbelievable camo.

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