Another bass trip

Set out on Saturday afternoon to find a closer and easier bass fishing option, I investigated three road access lakes/ponds within an hour from home. All of them were muddy and had carp jumping all over the place. Finally came to the fourth choice. This one required a significant walk, but it turned out to a be flat and easy 40 minute walk.
Got the boat one the water stretched my line out, made one cast, and caught what would be the fish of the day.

The picture doesn't do this fish (which was measured at 20" and fat) justice.

Fished along the side hooking the occasional bass to 18" and having a strike from ultra aggressive bluegill on most casts. The bluegill were decent size, dark and pretty, but it was weird to have them blow up on a 5 inch frog so often. Lost one bass that seemed to be huge, but then the ones that get away always are.

No snakes, ticks and only a few mosquitos tonight. A pleasant evenings fishing.

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