Westside Bass


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Thanks. There are several lakes on JBLM that are reported to have good bass populations, one in particular that are supposed to be decent size. I've never fished for bass, so I'm interested in giving it a shot.

Are you throwing top water poppers? Or streamers? This time of year, what's the best way to explore a body of water?


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We used poppers, bait patterns leeches. Etc.
In the 10 yrs i have fished it, i have seen one kayaker. People do fish from shore, i see line in the trees.

We fish the shore line, casting into the structure and grass beds.


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Thanks; I'm going to give some of these lakes on post a shot. I only know of one that gets fished heavily, the rest are pretty much ignored. But I know there are fish in them. A couple have wild cutthroat, too.
I’m gonna tie up some of the craft fur hollow flies in different colors for next time!!!! Might put some weight in then sonw can get deep. Maybe.. I’m still new to this kind of tying.

Thanks again for an amazing day!!

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