South sound morning run


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Had good morning in the Deep South on Memorial Day. Not a lot of fish, but where I found them they were showing aggressive behavior. Nothing is like seeing feeding fish when exploring a new area. At one spot I hooked four fish in a rip that started right on the beach. All fish ate in about six inches of water. Fly of the day was a cream bunny strip with a chartreuse collar. Fishing slowed as the tide emptied and the sun poked through. Apologies go out to @Philonius for not knowing my schedule and not taking him out.


Milt Roe

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Also got out a couple times down there over the weekend. Lots of small cutthroat caught on chum fry patterns. Couple were only 6 inches or so, typically 8-10. Switched to a big egg-sucking leech pattern and found a few bigger ones in deeper water under a seam on the ebb tide. Had a really nice one on, couple of big headshakes after the take and then a strong run taking lots of line before it came undone. Never got a chance to see it. I need to tie up some of those leech patterns on a slightly larger hook.


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Love that top picture, fish is nice too :)
Will have to join you one of these days!
Thanks for the inspiring report, salt has been slow lately.

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