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I took my son on a half-day float on the Yakima with Scott from Troutwater yesterday. My son got to play hooky from school and take his was his first ride in a drift boat! What a day! The trip was a 10th birthday present from his grandparents and we had an awesome experience. We each landed several fish but the 18" and 19" rainbows he caught back-to-back put all my fish to shame. He had a wonderful time and can't wait to go fishing again. I've been waiting 10 years for him to be old enough to make a trip like this. I know we'll never forget our time on the river yesterday.

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Better than excellent!

Building memories indeed, 20 years from now he'll be telling stories to his kids about the first time he went fishing and caught bigger fish than his dad...

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This is good. All this is good.
Reminds me of those good ol' days. When I was young, maybe 7 or so, my dad would take me out to the trout stream (PA, catch and keep stockers). He'd bet me $1 on who could catch the biggest fish. He never took my hard earned allowance money but the day I finally bested him I sure as hell took his. I can still remember the stream and the hole. I was already moving beyond bait and was swinging a spinner thru a hole and scored the big one.
Careful, you might get those kids started on a life-long addiction ;)

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