Pike Fishing 101


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Im going Pike fishing on Sunday. Fishing some sloughs around the Flathead Valley. I have been out once and no luck.

I have a 6 weight Scott Radian with a Galvan Torque reel on it.

I have some big meaty streamers, a sink tip and some wire leaders.

How do I actually get these things to take the fly????
Maybe start along side weed beds with a black leech pattern. Repeat. Then try a baitfish pattern. green, blue, works for me. I've caught more on a big blue over white Deceiver than anything else.


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Red and white is a pretty good color for Pike, but black seems to be the main color. Water is still a bit cold yet, but they should be pretty close to post-spawn where the females will start to get more aggressive. You may need to go down to them.

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