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It's been a fun spring. I wake on my days off between 630 and 700 to my son saying, "daddy lets go fishing."

We start with him leading the way. "Let's go this way, then that way!" Look at that hat @Swimmy Screenshot_20180603-201451.png We have had some good luck: Screenshot_20180603-201506.png We see a lot of sights like this owl: Screenshot_20180603-201525.png We blaze a trail Screenshot_20180603-201442.png He likes to net the smaller ones: Screenshot_20180603-201459.png This fish took off with popper in mouth. It popped off and came back and slammed it a second time to Liam and I's glee: Screenshot_20180603-201503.png Few more: Screenshot_20180603-201533.png Screenshot_20180603-201518.png Screenshot_20180603-201510.png Blessed. Hope all is well with everyone
I knew that rod with out having to zoom in, it's the Vision Big Daddy! :) I've got the Big Mama 8'4" 9wt, they now have a glass Big Daddy, gave it a shop wiggle, pretty sure it's a 8' 10wt!


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I sure hope Billy has one of those singing bass wall plaques at home. It would so belong there, "take me to the river; throw me in the water . . ."

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