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My pops is coming out from the east coast in early August. Looking for some recommendations on charters, maybe they are called guides out here. Preferably a 6 pack, someone that puts open boat trips together.

Not really picky about species, Or where. He’s probably flying into Portland. Ill pick him up then drive to the coast to fish for a couple days.

What’s usually on the menu that time of year? Albacore? Salmon? Bottom fishing? I’m guessing halibut dates will be hard to come by.

Thanks in advance


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If you guys are hitting the northern Oregon coast, I know a great 4-pack charter out of Garibaldi. The Captain is very fly-friendly too.
That time of year your options out of Westport include salmon (most likely), bottom fish (lings and rockfish), and albacore. Halibut will be long done by then.

I do work for the biggest six pack outfit in Westport. We have 4 boats but by August we will be running nothing but albacore trips 7 days a week. Albacore is an amazing trip but keep in mind these are extremely intense trips. Long runs in the ocean and very physical fishing.

If you want specifics on the company I work for, or have any other questions regarding Westport options feel free to PM me.


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Thanks for the replys. Please keep them coming!

We are both used to north east canyon fishing, so long runs and hard fishing are completely acceptable


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Maybe Nick can't speak the name, but Mark Coleman's fleet is solid, also check out Tailwalker charters.

A bit different from the long runs on the east coast though. It can be super nasty, back jarring misery. It can also be glass smooth and beautiful. Either way, it's a hoot!

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