NFR Best gas weedeater for under $300

I got a Ryobi X-whatever multi tool thing. I use it for a string trimmer and a hedge trimmer. It is just acceptable. I wanted a 4-stroke for convenience but maybe that was a mistake. If you get a ryobi like mine make sure you get the “pac man” tool to adjust the carb because you’ll need it depending on the weather or even how cool or hot the motor is.


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For small 2-stroke engines there used to be only two brands worth considering. Homelite and Stihl.

If you can afford orange-and-white, buy it. My buddy has one that we had to put a new carburetor on last year. Cost $20 for an aftermarket replacement, he said it never ran as well as it did after the new carb. Took fifteen minutes.

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Stihl all the way. I've had both my weedwacker and chainsaw for about 30 years. I have not been particularly kind to them. The Wacker has a lot more hard time on it than it would ever get in a suburban environment. I have never used any additional attachments other than an occasional blade on the Wacker for heavy brush cutting but mostly just heavy string.

Spend your money on a durable core tool and get attachments later.

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I did like Roper did, but my prior gas yard tools & chain saws were always Stihl products. The only one I haven't given to my Son is my shrub trimmer (but he comes over & runs it:D).

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