Annual trip to Montana ideas...

Hey all, this will be my 4th!! annual trip to Montana to do a week-long fly fishing bonanza. End result is a worn out shoulder and fried brain.

I know protecting sacred water is everyone's utmost priority, so rather PM me instead of responding below. Thought I would give it a shot...

I'm looking advice on guide services, lodging, small fun places to stop by along the way, secret streams etc etc etc. Had a bad experience with a guide once so no more going by feel. Will probably do 1 day of guide service on the Missouri R. as well as renting a drift boat from Headhunters fly shop.

My cousin and I will be in Montana June 22 - July 2nd, road tripping from Oregon. We plan on primarily fishing and floating Missouri River for 3 days from Holter Dam to Cascade, then jump on over to the Gallatin and fish it for a few days before ending our trip with 1-2 days on the Henry's Fork. Also, if any recommendations for our trip I would love to hear them!!

We like to camp for most of our trip and finish up with 2-3 nights at a nice lodge. Since we will be ending our trip on the Gallatin/Henry's fork, any recommendations on lodging on those rivers would be great!

If there are any fun streams or creeks worth visiting that anyone is willing to share but I not holding my breath ;)

Thanks for reading WFF members! :)




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Anybody who drives from Oregon to Montana has driven by some better water to begin with. If your’re not fishing along the way you should be.
PM me some of what you’re thinking about and I’ll help you with a few others.
I’d skip the Gallatin and spend a few days fishing the upper Madison. The Salmon Fly hatch should be starting just as you arrive. The Henry’s Fork is a short drive from the Upper Madison
Hey 802! Thank you for your input. We fished the Madison a little bit last year but will take a peek as conditions get closer. I’ll keep that in mind thank you!

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It is starting to look like you should have some options in SW MT. I would just fish down in Idaho. It is already a great summer down there, and the Ranch opens this week!

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Put the Big Hole on your list and connect with Chris or Seth at 4 Rivers Fishing Company in Twin Bridges. Was just there last week and we did really well despite zero viz and high flows. It should be dropping into shape in the next few weeks.

We were hoping to DIY most of the rivers and dry fly action. Might not be the case this year but shall look into the guides depending which river will be getting most dry action ;)
Got on the Gallatin for a few hours last night. It’s a greenish Tea color now. Caught several rainbows on San Juan’s and stone fly patterns. Some risers, but no takers.

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