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My Simms waders have finally bit the dust after 20 years. I'd like another pair with that durability but their sizes don't fit this short guy with small feet. Their booties fit size 9-11 and I wear an 8.5. Also my inseam is around 29 and theirs is 32-34. Needless to say they fit like shit.

My choices are Redington or Orvis. They have sizes that would fit me fine. What I don't know is how they hold up. I'm 99% still water fishing so I'm not tough on waders, but I don't want to have to replace them in a year or two.

Any feedback on those two brands...?

Thanks, Roper


I have a pair of the zipper Redington waders and like them a LOT. Before the Redington I was using Caddis zipper waders and they didn't fit that well and started leaking within a few month. The Redingtons fit me quite well and I'm about the same size as you and I'm going on two years with no leaks.

So, I'd give the Ridington product a positive review. I know nothing about the Orvis waders.


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I think either brand should serve you well in lakes. I am currently wearing Redingtons, and the seams seem to be great, but the neoprene booties wore thin, to the point of leaking like a sieve, after less than a year of lighter than normal fishing. Haven't heard many similar complaints, so I assume I got a defective pair or something.

If you liked your Simms, you might look into Patagonia. I've heard good things about the fit and durability on those. Cost about as much as Simms.

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Call Simms and ask about Japanese sizing. There might be a custom fee. A friend of mine dated a dude who works for them, and she didn't want lady waders. The Japanese waders fit her perfectly.


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I'm pretty certain Simms makes a wader to fit you. They have sizes and foot options to fit just about anyone that has walked into my shop. The inseam measurement is floor to crotch, so naturally measures longer than the inseam on your jeans. They offer king sizes and short sizes as well. Also, on most models, they can attach a smaller or larger bootie for a small fee. If you'd like, send me a PM with your height and weight and I will give you my best advice on sizing.

If I got 20 years out of a pair of waders, I'd probably stick with that brand. :)



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I bought pair of Allen Company waders from Sierra Trading Post. I have them 3 years with just one little leak. Lots of waders on their site and some good buys for a frugal ass like me.
If I got 20 years out of a pair of waders, I'd probably stick with that brand.
That said, love my Redington zip-fronts. First pair leaked after a few months at bottom of zipper, called Redington and new pair at my door in a couple days after emailing the receipt.5 years old now and no issues.


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I have been happy with Orvis and Patagonia. Mine are older versions so no info on their new products. But like rods and reels the $$$ is getting way up there on some of them.


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I have a pair of Simms waders that are obviously too long for my legs (I'm 5'8") but I have never felt that it was an issue at all. The waders bunch up around my shins a bit.

Curious what others view as negatives for waders that are too long, but still fit around the waist/chest etc.
I would look at frogg toggs honestly. I just got the Pilot 2 Guide pant waders and they blow Simms out of the water.. Very sturdy, extremely breathable and look great. Even have 2 pockets with welded zippers. They make them in full waders too. Can't beat them for the price.


My non-zipper waders are Frogg Toggs and I agree, they are also a viable option if you're not interested in waders with a zipper.

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