Your local Skinny water.

The closest skinny water away that's legal I can call local is at least forty minutes away in any direction. Good thing I'm way more of a fan of big rivers than little stuff. Small creeks don't really do it for me. Less challenge, less places for fish to hide, most fish are small.

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times and circumstances have changed - you've always been generous with sharing your experience but you really shouldn't post this kind of detail anymore if you have any love left in your heart for these streams.
Do you think that some will go check it out, but the most of them will just say "he's an old man and doesn't know what he's talking about. Just an old blow heart"


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OMJ every year there are more Subaru’s with fly fishing stickers showing up in the turnouts in many of the rivers you named and more.
That must have been scary.

I once posted about good fishing on a beach here on Bainbridge Island and the next weekend there were two late model Dodge Rams covered in Bassmaster stickers in the lot. I nearly s$it a brick.


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Jim, my closest moving waters are still way too high and cold - but that hasn't stopped me from fishing. It is very challenging to find even the tiniest eddy or pocket water. I have walked into a few goods spots but nada. Another month though and it should be fishing well - that is if you call 8-10" fish good fishing, LOL.

So, last weekend, I drove a fair bit further away. My first fish of the stream season was a 24" bull trout. It wasn't exactly on skinny water but it was nice to feel a tug - and tug it did!


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Some skinny in SW Colorado yesterday at about 10,200'. A few Browns in the 12" range but no Cutts- weird. Ran into this little one and the momma coming around a corner. Took a quick shot and ducked around the corner to leave em alone. Didn't see a soul all day - would have been a surprise to run into anyone up there. IMG_5701.JPG IMG_5704.JPG IMG_5703-3.JPG IMG_5699.JPG
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Every bit of skinny water I've been to this year, and this is no joke, I've seen more people than ever before, and fish on the shore awaiting the barbecue. Tread lightly.....


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Here, I'll help you all out. You have the Foss river, Main and the East Fork. You have the Miller river, three forks, Money Creek, Lone Creek, Eagle Creek, Beckler river, Rapid River, You also have the Tye River. Barkley Creek. The N/F Skykomish Below the closed area and above. You have Quartz Creek, Forth of July Creek.

I just names 15 different places to fish. I'm not going to tell you what rock to stand on to fish from. This is something you will have to learn by yourself. These are all on Forest service maps and the few Washington State Atlas's

Go out and explore your little hearts out. I got fish out of every place I mentioned.

No more will I talk about Skinny Water.
loosen up and tell us about your adventures on the TYE river. that stream looks Tenkara freindly .


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I camped by the Beckler this past weekend and the river is far from its optimal condition. High water, very strong currents, and colder-than-ice water. Clarity was good, though. Nothing was hatching and nothing was rising during the three days I spend by the river. I think skinny waters up there need another two weeks to come down a bit and be more fisherman friendly.

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