Man Cave

About halfway there with my man cave facelift. Next big thing is shelves and lighting above the main table and to clear out as much of the random shit I have stuffed in every nook and cranny as possible. But, it’s operational just rigged rods for the first time on it and something tells me the first fly in the new space will be coming soon.

The table frame is 1 1/2” stainless steel square tube and the table top is 5/8” UHMW. Should last several lifetimes. It measures 13’ x 6’ and the whole thing is 3’ deep.

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Well 4 totes worth of sports memorabilia is gonna find a new home this weekend and the rest of those totes is my vinyl collection. Time to dust those off and bring em inside the house so maybe they can get played again.

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Brian I’m outnumbered out here unless you count the animals so I’ve made my stand in the garage and feel at peace amongst my fishing gear, tools and shop space. It’s all I got :)

Oh I know, it was 3 woman to me, I couldn't even use a detached garage as a shop.


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Omg total mayhem..... that one got eaten so many times in neah Bay it whistles loud enough to make every dog bark within a mile radius. That board has some serious soldiers on it.
Sweet. I'll have to try that one. Do you use a fly rod or gear rod for that beast?

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