Steelhead flies for eastern washington

I'm planning some fishing time later this year for steelhead in some of the rivers in eastern Washington. Looking at the Methow, Wenatchee and the Grand Rhonde and any others that might be suggested. I'm planning to start tying now and need some suggestions for fly patterns and sizes for those summer run fish from August until the end of October. Most all my steelhead flyfishing has been late fall and winter fish on bigger rivers on the west side where large, heavy flies are the norm. Any help is really appreciated

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
I like elk hair caddis riffle hitched. If fishing wets on a floater I fish a dubbed body with a soft hackle collar and maybe a little hair for a wing and tail. Generally these flies are black/ brown/ green. If I am going to dredge for some reason I fish leach style flies like egg sucking buggers.

Go Sox,
Literally anything. I wouldn't get carried away with bright, gaudy color schemes. But they'll hit any trout nymph you currently have and they'll hit any small streamer you currently have. The best reasons to tie up some specific patterns are 1) to have / catch them on a "classic," and 2) to use a stronger shank (or maybe a tube/stinger). But don't overthink it.

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