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I looked at them a couple years ago when I saw them on sale. Tried several .380 options at a range, and found the LC9 to be the worst fit for my hand. I liked the Sig and Glock .380s. The Glock is butt ugly, and has chinzy looking sights, but I shot it most accurately. Currently don't own a .380 but continue to think about getting one cuz they fit in a pocket.


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Take a look at the Bersa Thunder .380. Buddy has one. Modeled after the legendary Walther PPK, incredibly accurate for a small and cheap gun.


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I had a Bersa Thunder for years. Great gun. Nothing wrong with it at all, I would look into this if you're in the market for a 380.


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Put some rounds through a Shield 9mm today. Good time for sure. Although it’s not the one you were looking for specifically, the platform is similar. Light, slim, and handled well.
Love mine. I also have the cheaper one, ec9, which has fixed sights. The trigger is perfect for me and the gun has handled all my reloads with the exception of some heavier bullets, 165 gr. Even with 10 round mags the weight isn't bad for a ccw but I sometimes use the 7 round mags.


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I've owned a few 9mm and found that, for the money, the LC9S is a good buy, and a decent cc. Lighter on weight, and, in my opinion, a single stack is all a person really needs. I've had mine for a couple of years now and don't plan on any other purchases in the 9mm category.
After looking at the Glock 43, M&P Shield, Walther PPS and the Beretta Nano, I picked one up a new LC9S Monday + a 9 round magazine (comes with a 7).
Gotta love Az. No waiting. :)
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I got my fishing license today and on the way out of the shop I was looking at some pistols. The clerk and me were looking at a pistol that shot a .454 slug. I was going to ask if I could hold it but didn't. What a massive 6 shot gun. With my income I couldn't even afford to buy the Ammo.

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