Fishing with a mid-belly line


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I picked up a Beulah Aero for my SageX 7130 a while back. I've taken a few trips with it that were really just casting practice with a non-zero chance of encountering a fish.

My local river here is starting to drop into conditions that are ripe for greased line and traditional wet swing fishing. I've gotten out a few times. I'm new to the 2 handed game; less than 2 years overall, and this is my first fishing experience with anything longer than a scandi. Here are some thoughts.

Back cast room: The notion that you need a lot of back-cast room for a longer shooting head is mostly a myth. I can roll cast the entire 47' head, 14' of leader and shoot about another 10' of running line with virtually no back-cast room needed.

Fishing short: It's surprisingly easy and effective. Real short casts aren't pretty (throwing 14' of leader with the first 10' of a shooting head...) But, it's a lot of fun high sticking a wet fly through a run with all or most the fly line off the water -- I guess that makes me a EuroNympher? I had some nice takes doing this, but couldn't convert them.

Bring on the 14 footer! Long fly rods used to scare me. They seemed excessive (what are you compensating for?). I caught a nice trout last night in a seam that required casts around 90' to get into the good water. It also required an initial mend that picked up all the fly line and some of the leader to get the fly down and presenting correctly in the seam. I got it right a few times and was rewarded accordingly with a nice sized trout. (pics later, my phone doesn't seem to want to push pics up to google right now...)
Yup, you've seen the light! Lot's of advantages with long rods and lines and you've just got a taste of a few of them. Like you've divined, no reason in the world to be "scared" of a 14 footer.......or a 16 footer for that matter. Their all just tools, and really fun ones at that, each with it's own appropriate time and place. Personally, I like to use the longest rod/line combo I can fit into any given spot, that's why I've got two handers from 11' up to 16'6".....and you'd be surprised how useful that big 16'6" Bruce & Walker "Walker" can be!

Good on you for giving the longer gear a try and not just following the herd.


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Here's pics of that decent sized trout (looks like a brown to me) and the fly I caught it on; a Bennet's Halo. If this is a brown, then it's my first; never seen one live let alone caught one.

The traditional style flies may or may not be the most effective at attracting and hooking fish, but they're simple and versatile to fish with. I've been a big fan of the tube fly/trailer hook thing, but I'm probably gonna let that go this summer and fish more of these type patterns. This guy got the text-book point in the corner of the mouth. Couldn't ask for more. He ran at me full speed and thought I'd lost him...

IMG_20180608_181716.jpg IMG_20180605_184956.jpg

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Nice trout, yes its a brown and keep on the longer line fishing! That 47' head is at be beginnings of short head lines, mid bellies start at 60' and long bellies start at 75'. There's nothing like lifting 90' of line, leader and fly and getting it right back out there with a quick single spey! And your right, they don't take as much room as people preach!

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