FS NFR Rotisserie Smoker !!SOLD!!

Mark Moore

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I built this for our restaurant last winter....Restaurant didn't make, but it's a nice smoker.

Rotisserie Smokers provide the very best in consistency and efficiency, your meat is always traveling throughout the heat column and therefore cooks evenly as opposed to standard shelf style smokers where you are always trying to adjust for inconsistent heat. All high end commercial smokers are rotisserie.

Solid 1" axle on high temperature bearing blocks

1/4 HP DAYTON Gear Reduction Motor provides 1-1/2 RPM on Rotisserie

Rotisserie Shelves mounted on Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings for long, trouble free service.

3 Pellet Hoppers for efficient burn cycles.

Single PID Digital Controller controls all three pellet burners.

Stainless NSF Prep Shelf

1-1/2" Brass Ball Valve Drain

Corrugated Tin Roof (6'-6" Headroom at lowest point) for YEAR ROUND Pacific Northwest service...and it looks kinda cool too.

Food warmer box with adjustable damper for heat control. Warmer box holds 12 Full Size Hotel Pans- 8 Stacked in top section and 4 in bottom section.

Removable trailer tongue for convenience and security.

Use your choice of wood flavor (we blended for a unique taste) and never have to worry about finding quality dry hardwood. We use Cash and Carry Pellets at about $10/bag but would buy a pallet when it dropped to $7.30/bag

Sample Capacity-
25-30 Brisket @ 20-22lbs. ea.
40-50 Pork Butts @ 9-11lbs ea.
100+ Racks of Baby Back Ribs in vertical racks
50-75 Chickens
Or any combination of above for extremely efficient cook cycles.

Built in the Winter/Spring of 2017 and used for everyday service at a restaurant. The Restaurant didn't make it but it wasn't because of the smoker.

Cleaned regularly, this unit is well seasoned and ready to generate income right away.

This is a FULLY DIALED IN MONEY MAKING MACHINE that will provide some of the best smoke rings you've ever seen.

Delivery available.

Text for a video of Rotisserie in action.


Call Mark for more info 360-635-1483


Geez...while I don’t use a smoker, you built such a spectacular piece of functional art that it would be a true joy just to look at...great job! Sorry that your business didn’t survive.

Best, Bob

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