FS Selling of some reels - Ross Gunnison, STH Cassette, Cabelas Drake


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Selling off a few reels that haven't seen much use lately. They are all pretty clean, with little or no marks from use. The fly lines are marginal - The one on the Drake is in pretty good condition. The others are probably serviceable but no promises. They haven't been used a lot, but have been on the reels in storage for a while.

SOLD - Ross Gunnison 3 - Reel & Spare spool with unknown floating and sinking lines. Reel is matte finish, extra spool is glossy.

SOLD - STH DDR Cassette reel size 2 (5-6wt) with 2 extra cassettes and unknown floating, sink tip and full sink lines

Cabelas Drake III (7-8wt) with extra spool and unknown floating line that is in good condition - $65

All prices include shipping to lower 48.

DSC05993.JPG DSC05992.JPG DSC05995.JPG DSC05992.JPG DSC05995.JPG DSC05993.JPG
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The Drake is still available. Here is the original description from 1999:

Cabela's Drake Reel is an excellent value at $100. It's fully machined and features a compression-type drag system with a one-way bearing. The reel comes in three sizes: Model 1 for 3- to 4-weight lines, Model 2 for 5- to 6-weight lines and Model 3 for 7- to 8-weight lines. The spool has a quick-release button and the anodizing is black.

Reel, extra spool, and a floating line for $65 is a pretty fair deal.

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