Advice needed for best fly lines

Richard E

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Having been an active fly fisher for many years, I have not fished in 20 yrs. I'm now planning a western trout river trip and need to replace old fly lines and no experience with the new lines available. What's the best weight forward lines for a Sage 490 SP and Sage 690 RPL? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
SA MPX Trout. Incredible line. The Orvis Hydros HD Trout is an awesome line, as well.
A trend (that I hate) on new lines is that they weigh more than old lines. The thinking is that they will load today's FAST action graphites easier. Given your rods, I might consider buying one weight lighter, depending on if that particular line is overweighted from the manufacturer. I find some of the new lines make older rods a pain to cast, being the line is too heavy.

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