NFR Birch Bay - Place Thing?


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Was looking at Google maps near Ferndale. This thing caught my eye. Any idea what it is? Thought it was a trailer park, but not sure. This is as close as GMaps gets.


Charles Sullivan

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Lattotude 64. Its a retirement/ rv parl. Its mosy canadian summer residents.

There are actually full time residents there too. Seems like a place i would end up after a divorce.

Go sox,


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At first glance it looks like some sort of bizarre crop circles.;)
I bet it would be interesting watching old farts trying to maneuver into those spots.

Jeremy Floyd

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Those are only in the hills above Sultan.
They are out in the Stilly drainage too.. if you ever think it would be romantic to take your girl and hike up to the hot springs upriver from Arlington, rethink it. Sitting in there with a dozen or so naked 50-60 year old people, who are trying to get a 12some going is not romantic..

Skip Enge

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When I went to college in the 70's there was access to the whole area...I would not condemn folks that buy into that...It is the trend to wall off such areas all over the NW today...Keeps out the riff know 80% or more of the population...You got money, are retirement age, want quiet and are a bit frightened of the crazies in the's just right for ya.Life is a crapshoot...but the life of life apparently does not have to be... ;)

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