Anybody transport a Fish Cat Scout on a Roof Rack

Just got a new Fish Cat Scout frameless pontoon. Took it out last week and really liked it ease of use. Was with a buddy and he had his trailer so easy to transport. However, headed back to the same lake tomorrow and have two options.

1. Deflate it and stick it in the back of the SUV. I'd have to almost totally deflate it because we are taking both dogs in their crates plus all our gear.
2. Transport it on the roof rack.

Anybody done the later and if so how did it go? Certainly its going to create some drag and lowered gas mileage but is it worth not having to fully inflate it once I get on site?



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I have transported my Stealth Pro on a roof rack. I just strapped it down tightly and checked it after a few miles. I had to re tighten it once. I didn't notice too much drag. It was only a 40 mile round trip.
I transport my Scadden Renegade on the roof rack, but be careful about elevation change. If you are going to climb a few thousand feet, you had better transport it disinflated.


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Agree 100% about being careful about elevation changes. Also, temp changes. If you decide to put it on the roof, make sure to switch the hooks on the tie-downs out for something with a gate on it and try to go through a hard point if you can. If, say, you fish a kamloops lake in the 5k elevation range and leave for home at sea level at 4 pm, you're going to get a lot of deflation and the hooks can pop off without gates. Huge safety issue.
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Do you not have an electric pump? If not, get one. The whole point of a frameless boat is how much easier they are to store and set-up, not to mention the better protection for the boat when transported inside. If you are going to strap it to the roof, why give up all the benefits of a framed boat for a frameless one?
1. I have the hurricane pump. It just takes awhile to inflate it from near zero.
2. I normally will not have the back full of dog boxes so loads of room for a mostly inflated frameless pontoon. Just not this time.
3. I am well aware of elevation and temp affects on air pressure.....signed retired engineer.

Guess I will just deflate and use the hurricane when I get to the lake.....I just hate waiting when the water is right

Thanks for the input guys!
I do put my Scout on "roof" racks that I've installed above my Ridgeline box for 1/2 hours trips with no significant elevation changes. No wind resistance issue obviously but anything longer and I partially deflate it and put it in the box. Most times I just re-inflate with the hand pump and don't bother with the 12vt pump.
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Use some good cam-lock rafting straps, such as those from NRS. Bombproof, and you can slide it up on the roof and strap it down in seconds. I do it all the time to move to a new spot, but for longer trips I deflate it.


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I have done this with my Outcast Discovery Trekker with no problems but here's one caveat;if you plan on leaving your tackle in the side pouches, be aware of the zipper orientation.Once while traveling over the pass between Yakima and Ellensburg,the wind blew my zippers open and tackle began flying off the top of my car.I ran up to two full fly boxes just as they got run over by cars before my very eyes. Bummer.

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Did someone say their boat was too heavy to put on top of their car by themselves? ;-)

And yes, I used to load this by myself.

I agree, you have frameless. Just inflate when you get to destination. I have one of the big K pumps and inflates my outcast powerdrifter in no time.

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