FS Saltwater Fly Lines

As I have likely had my last Saltwater fishing expedition, I have many items to unload. First up are fly lines; all in original box, some used, some not. All prices include PayPal and shipping to your door, within CONUS.

7 Wt:
1) Wulff Triangle Taper Bermuda 2 tone line, SWT2TB7F. Has been spooled, but not fished. $30.

2) Cortland 444SL, Big Game Taper Intermediate Saltwater, WF7I, Spooled, but not fished. SOLD.

3) Cortland Precision Tropic Plus, WF7F/I Ghost Tip, Int. Spooled, but not fished., SOLD.

8 Wt:

1) Cortland Precision Tropic Plus, Bonefish WF8F. Spooled and used sparingly. $25.

2) Scientific Anglers Mastery Series, Bonefish, clear intermediate, WF8S. Spooled, not fished. SOLD.

3) Cortland Liquid Crystal, clear floating, WF8F. Spooled, fished one time. SOLD

4) RIO QuickShooter, WF8F/I, Tan/Clear. An older QuickShooter line used successfully many times, still in good shape. SOLD

9 Wt:

1) Cortland Liquid Crystal, clear floating, WF9F. Spooled, used once. SOLD.


1) Cortland Precision Tropic Plus, Tarpon, WF10F. Spooled, fished one time. SOLD.

12 Wt:

1) Cortland PE+ Crystal, Clear floating line, WF12F. Spooled, not fished. $25.

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