Strong loop in fly line

Ryan Janos

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Anyone have a strong feeling on which method would be best suited for putting a loop on the back end of my 12 wt. floating line? It didn't come with a loop, which wasn't a problem until I started using the reel it was on as a spey reel also.

Right now I just used 6/0 GSP and covered ~1" then whip finished and soaked in UV knot sense. Should I cut that out and do a double nail knot, or is it strong enough? Again, this is a 12 wt setup we're talking about. Thanks for the feedback.


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That should do it.
We also use 50lb. GSP (power pro) and do 3 consecutive 8-10 turn nail knots in succession, covered in flexible UV glue.
The whipped loop is a good alternative though.
I have noticed floating lines are a little more tricky to weld. Sinking line (and polyleaders) weld much better. I'm getting better results each time. I also cut the mono end off the tip of polyleaders and just weld them, much easier to change a leader that way. They seem to be fairly stout, I have test yarded on them with a curved automotive pick and they seem solid enough. Some say they are weak, but for trout I'm not really too worried. Probably stronger than most leader/tippet connections.
Braided loop is the gold standard on heavy lines. They are easy to make and have been used by many anglers on tuna, marlin, tarpon etc... I used them for years fishing in Mexico and never had a problem with large fish and heavy leaders.

Nail knot option- no where near as smooth through the guides
Thread wrap- not as strong

For clarification I should note I am referring to home built 50lb braided loops (Dan Blanton style). They are great!