Tired of Hero Shots


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@The T.O. Show is this a photo of you? I like this one because it shows the flyfisher and i like how he is angled and framed in the photo, plus just a really great exposure too. I wish i had a photo of myself posed like this! Or i wish i had taken it.

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The one above is just a nice photo of the fish and the flyfisher. I wish i had a shot like this! Same with the one below this one. Great expression.


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Calm down dude. Seriously. It’s just a fly fishing board and a silly post about hero shots. I’m not sure what you are so angry about.

I’d consider you bringing up being banned as hyperbole, an exaggeration and a threat. As you say, he is being civil. What part of that is a banning offensive?
Calm down bro, it is just a fly fishing site, not angry bro, stop projecting bro. I brought up that his behavior is similar to those who have been banned. Pay attention bro. His behavior exhibits a pathway and again my concern was legit dude bro. No hyperbole (exaggeration, you do know they are basically the same thing, right?), no threat. So sorry you missed out on that one.

Didn't say that he has done anything ban worthy, again pay attention duro (Short for dude bro.)


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Who took this photo? It’s really cool and i think it may have been PhotoShopped in an excellent way to bring out the contrast between the sky and hills, which i really like.

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While a technically excellent artist, IMO, Rubens took it too far. He was more about lumps than curves, but to each his own. Of course in modern culture, I think we've swung too far the other way when the emaciated, stick-figure look is touted as the ideal, and truly normal is considered "plus size". In reality, this warped "ideal" should be referred to as "minus-size". For that matter, why does there even have to be an "ideal"?

Sorry, just kind of a hot-button topic for me having seen too many women and girls I care about get sucked into the vortex of skinny worship, and end up wrecking their health trying to look like a 2X6.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled debate :)
I like roundy rounds a lot.
Got home today & my Bible was in the post box & my friends wife is on the cover! It's the only magazine i still subscribe to, used to be 4 from Finland & 1 from Australia, just ran out of room to put them! Not keen on the rod like a parot, fully extended arms always make a fish seem bigger, but look at the hands! The wet hands are awesome to see in this picture, it's a damn good habit to get into no matter how cold! Photography is their other hobby & both practice excellent fish handling skills! It is a awesome Arctic char & I hope Sue & Jojo like the girl power pic!

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