Tired of Hero Shots

The old shots of a ton of trout, dead, threaded on a stick and held up by two people (like Gramps and Grandson) seem to have fallen out of favor. Similarly the pictures of a ton of trout dead on the front lawn lined up by size with the fishermen taking a knee and grinning beside their catch.

What would make for interesting commentary is the number of chickens the chicken eater eats in a year, represented with new dead chickens, lined up on the lawn, with the chicken eater kneeling beside them, same pose. Now I love eating chicken, more than trout, but the visual representation of how many chickens I have consumed per year is beyond me. though likely in the 40s. I am absolutely certain that consumptive representation would not be seen as heroic.
Here you go! Chicken chippies & Chicken fingers, don't ask me why the Chicken fingers have a picture of a fox on the box? DSC_1741.JPG
But they are Norwegian!
I like em...the Fox song though is kind of like how I feel about Frankie Valley, Lou Christie, the 1910 fruitgum Company, Journey, any Fleetwood Mac with thee adenoidal one singing, the song Yummy yummy yummy, "don't Worry Be Happy",Axel Rose,Death Metal, Peter Frampton,and sorry but Tom Petty, winers, screechers, bubble gum music, New "country", polka music...anyway, hatin' over for now...these things are on my Song List for the Purgatory Waiting Room.