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In the hills north of Sedro Woolley it is considered art. I believe it is mandatory to have at least one piece of art in your yard up here.
Yard art - remodeled our downstairs bathroom - the toilet was robins egg blue. I thought it would fit right in with the art crowd: fake flowers and the like. For domestic tranquility, it is now buried in the landfill.
Is a picture of your left hand holding a fish considered a "Hero Shot"? (I've captured my left hand a couple dozen times... and yes, it is huge!)
I take a lot of pictures of fish to prove I ain't lying on my fishing reports... they still don't believe me. View attachment 171590

See, the trick is you have to sit on your left hand until it falls asleep, then take the photo. Call it "The Stranger."


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Or...for how long will they measure schlongs?
To be fair, posting hero shots of schlongs works well for online dating apps. Therefore, by definition, they are great photos and appeal to the masses.

Hopefully triploidjunkie can do some research for us and find another article or two on this topic.
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