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Some extra stuff need to be cashed ( as new radiator needed :-( )

Everything clean and perfectly new unless noted. List picture by picture (below), up to down:

image 1and 2: NEW Cliff's Articulated Flies Box= $18
3. SET of 18 DUBBING Packs byUmpqua, Spirit Rover: Super Fine, Squirrel Blend, Pseudo Peacock, natural colors, one of each (phone camera equalized it too much) =SOLD
4. SET OF ANGORA GOAT 14 dubbing packs. *** A few opened and tried for one or two flies, most never opened !!!! NIce classic salmon/ steelhead colors.= $15
5. Soft Tanned Pine Squirrel Skins (Spirit River). Three available. PRICE PER EACH = $9
6, BETT"S ORIGINAL STANDARD ZELON (by Umpqua) Set of 3 colors (Green, Light Dun, Dark Dun) = $12
7. SET of beautiful, wet fly wings quality PREMIUM MOTTLED TURKEY (by Spirit River). Each set contains 3 pairs of feathers: Natural, Olive, Hopper Yellow. ONE SET LEFT. Price per one set of three pairs in 3 colors= $12 (NICE!)
8 SET of 9 different Krystal Flash packs by Czech company Hends (retail about $ Euro Each!) . Set on 9 = SOLD
8B SET of 4 different Krystal Flash packs by Czech company Hends (retail about $ Euro Each!) . Set on 4 = SOLD
9 SOW/SCUD Dubbong in Dispenser plus 3 open sow/scud dubbing SOLD
9B Custom Bland Dubbing in Dispenser, (rather bright steelhead colors set) (by Hareline Dubbin) =$12
10. SET of 9 Ringneck Pheasant Center Tail Pair by Hareline Dubbin. Colors: Natural, Brown, Olive, Orange, Purple, Green, Black, Yellow, Red. SOLD. Soem single colors available @ $2.50 each pair.

If you would like to help me clean up (and fix radiator!) feel free to BUY :)
Shipping USPS USA is $5 for padded envelope with tracking. Bigger package few more..Priority or Express upon request.
Pay Pal is OK and adding about 3% for PP fees would be greatly appreciated.
PM with clear message what referring to position # please.
Thank you for checking

(more to buy but too much work...!!!! Little by little now)
2018-06-13 14.03.46_1528924284914_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.04.23_1528924286090_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.07.19_1528924282888_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.10.02_1528924278159_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.05.35_1528924281966_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.09.05_1528924280305_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.08.11_1528924281015_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.06.18_1528924283997_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.02.37_1528924288013_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.04.53_1528924286855_resized.jpg 2018-06-13 14.10.02_1528924278159_resized.jpg


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