Redington 9’4 weight backup rod - feedback?

Brian White

Recovering Bugmeister
Planning on picking up an extra 9’4 wt Redington for this summer. Parameters as follows:

-want to stick with Redington (vice, CT, hydrogen, crux)
-assume I would pay $100 for any of the rods new to eliminate $ as the comp
-backup rod
-9’ 4 wt only (prefer not to go with a 5 masquerading as a 4)
-mostly dries and smaller nymph rigs, dry/dropper, some hoppers although not the norm, soft hackles.
-use case mostly smaller rivers, bigger streams, nice trout but likely not slabs
-I have never fished any of those rods in 4 wt, though have fished all of them in other weights
-floating line set up in play
-assume no time to hit shops and cast each and every (or wouldn’t be asking for feedback from others)
-some longer casting called for at times and some wind (think upper yak as reference point, though it will get more use elsewhere)

Anyone use those rods and have feedback to share either via PM or on thread?
Hi Brian -

I have a couple of the Redington CT's in a 9' 4 wt. I think they are a great little rod for the money, and do very well with smaller dry flies and nymphs. I mainly use this rod for smaller dries on the Yak (Caddis, Baetis, PMD's) and then I use it a lot on creeks with Sz. 10 and smaller attractor patterns, often with a dropper. This is a medium to medium-fast action rod, and doesn't have a ton of power, but is great for presenting smaller flies. Not my top choice on a windy day though. I use Rio Trout LT's for this rod and it seems to match with the rod pretty well, I am sure there are other options out there line wise.

I have a Hydrogen in a 9' 4 wt., and use this as my dry fly stick for medium sized dries on the Yakima (smaller Golden Stones, October Caddis, Craneflies, smaller Hoppers, beetles, etc.), and I use a dropper with those quite often. I also use it for nymphing with medium to smaller size nymphs, and I think the fast action helps with the mending on longer casts. This rod is LIGHT (in weight), and is pretty fast action in my opinion, maybe a little too fast for smaller creek fish and soft hackles, but it does a decent job in the wind. I use a Redington Zero on this rod to keep the whole setup lightweight, and I use a Rio Perception line.

I do have a Redington Crux in a 9' 5 wt. and I think this is a great rod also. Definitely faster action than the CT, but not as fast action as the Hydrogen, and it still does a good job at presenting a dry. I use a Rio Perception on this one also.

Hope that helps!


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