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Para Adams, I haven't fished them all enough to decide. The Champion 9' 9050 is a true 6 weight. A good lake rod. No problem casting into the wind on an eastern washington lake a couple months ago. May use it for coastal cutthroat this fall.

I bought the Wright and McGill 8'6" Victory from Scott. I think it will be a great all around trout rod. Casts well with a Triangle Taper 5. Scott says it does well with either a 4 or 5 weight. I expect I'll use this a lot on rivers.

The Phillipson 8'6" Power Pakt does well with a Triangle Taper 5 and a double taper 5. Also casts a 6 weight sinking line a mile. Will be using it for rivers and lakes. You have to love the colors scheme of the wraps.


The 7'6" Phillipson has the fastest action and does well with either a 5 weight triangle taper or a double taper.

Everyone says to fish a double taper with bamboo. I seem to like a Triangle Taper better.

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Fish what you like. If you like the Triangle Taper try the Wulff Longbelly. My Phillipson as well as a bunch of my other rods sure like it.



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The Wulff TT and bamboo lines are my favorites on bamboo. And I heartily agree that your 8-1/2' Power Pakt is a really fun rod on lakes.
How do the Wulff Longbelly and Wulff Bamboo cast compared to the Triangle Taper? Have read elsewhere that the Wulff Bamboo is simply a Longbelly line with muted colors.

Scott Whitman swears by the 406 double taper line for grangers.
I couldn't help but notice the glue lines on Dave's Phillipson. This is a result of using resorcinol glue, which penetrates the bamboo and leaves a purple stain. Resorcinol was the best glue available when the rod was made, and some say it still is today. Some people don't like the dark line, but I think it's a sign of good craftsmanship. I've never used it myself because it's expensive, messy, and has a short shelf life.

Sharp eyes Tom. The glue lines don't bother me so much because I'm a bamboo fisher first and collector second. Some of the hardcore purist collectors don't like Phillipsons because of the glue lines. Phillipson also has some pretty funky reel seats. He liked to experiment with colors (red, green...).
Got a 9ft Phillipson Premium a couple years back that had been through a mild refinish (polish) and ferrules reset by South Creek. The rod was never damaged, and the grip, tips, and all guides and wrappings were in nice shape.

It appears and feels eerily similar to one of my Dad’s that I used a few times back in the 60’s when I was much fishes best with a 5DT, or a 5Wulff TT, but handles a 6WF pretty well also. Unfortunately, the elliptical (“hammer handle”) grip is really too small for my paws, guess my hands were smaller back then.

You can double haul well into the backing with it, but presentations are not exactly delicate at that distance, hah!

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