RIP my canine buddy


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The sadness is pent up so I thought I might just write about it as our hearts are broken. I am finding myself feeling very guilty about the act of kindness to him and simply long for him to sit bu my side and wag his tail one more time.

We adopted this English Springer Spaniel 5 years ago. He came to trust us and know this was his forever home. He never seemed to really have the best hips, but managed. In the last month he started to have focal seizures and on Tuesday without warning, his right hind leg ACL ruptured leaving him unable to really stand. He was 12.

I do see this a lot on this forum and don't mean to be repetitive, but it helps to have a little validation. This really sucks.

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Sounds like you gave him a good life, which is all that can be done. Take solace in that.

We’ve got a 15 year old spaniel that we are just waiting for the sign. I dread the day.

Thanks for adopting a dog, the world needs more of that. Don’t be afraid to get back on that horse.


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Great looking dogger, I feel for you.. it is not an easy thing. Our pup will be 16 soon.. my best friend.

Sincerely wishing you well.

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Hi Jamie,

Don’t care if it seems you’re attention seeking, you’re not. Talk clothing or anything steelhead related to nymphing/beads to do that. It really hurts to lose a dog or any good pet, to me dogs really mess me up . The point is that you lost or are about to lose a remarkable part of your life that’s suddenly missing forever and that realisation really hurts/hits home.

A most wonderful part of this forum is that your loss is felt by many of us, we’ve been
there and know how it feels, totally shite. I can’t offer anything but condolences. I have had a new dog for 2+ yrs, love him but I still miss Angus, he was unique and an arsehole of sorts to many but I Ioved him because of who he was and how he ‘cared’ for then my infant kids.

You should feel gutted to the challenge you face but please don’t be self conscious for posting you feel like crap, it just shows you will really miss him and stating that is exactly how it should be. We all empathise and if that helps, then it’s a bonus.

My wife took Murphy, our other awesome dog, to sleep one last time. I simply couldn’t do it I’m sure others here have been the same, so it sucks and I really feel for you, as I’m sure do tons of other WFF’ers.

I’m sorry for making your post a bit about my dogs. It's wasn’t my intent but I miss my old friends a lot and so truly I understand the place you are in now.

Get a new dog in 6 - 12 months. You will always remember him as he was unique but a new friend gives you a different perspective as to the personality each dog has.

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Sorry to hear Jamie, we've lived through 3 full lives and it never becomes normal. Always celebrating their memories and moments where ever we go, the joy is in recognizing the moments before it's too late. Savor those gems. Our kids passed due to cancer and brutal old age. Gotta give em the best till the end and keep the smiles on. That face on my huge loss. /hugs

Jim Ficklin

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My most sincere condolences are offered your way, Jamie. Dogs capture our hearts quickly and yours obviously had a wonderful home. Close your eyes & remember the good.
So sorry to hear this.... dogs have that special place for me too. Ours is currently in doggie ER from getting poisoned. They brought her back from deaths about a range of emotions.

Bottom line, they dig their paws right into your heart and don't let go. My condolences.

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You find support here...Loss like this enlarges the heart. So large in fact that others have enough to share theirs. take care. Darn near every woman I know or have known uses the rainbow bridge analogy, i think it is apropo here too.

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