Got a order, kind of!

Missus thinks my flytying is a waste of time & no skill needed to ty fluff on a hook! Today she tells me, my work colleague is going to retirement & i was thinking can you ty a fly for me to give to her? Something unique that no one can buy, has to be pink because she's a old Barbie girl & they have a cabin on a lake or the sea, not sure where & she is fishing sometimes & i need it by Tuesday! To easy, i'll make a articulated pike fly in pink & pearl, but instead of a rattle under the shank, i'll ty in a few large tungsten dumbbell eyes to give it enough weight to cast with spin gear! Could be on to a money making thing here? Gear fisherman here are a lot like Bass gear fisherman there, rods & reels don't cost a lot, but what they put on the end costs a small fortune!
:)My wife doesn't even bother me when I'm tying flies. I had a bunch I tied when I first started and was going to cut them off the hooks. She sold them for $10 and wouldn't even give me a cut. No tellin' what women come up with.:p
Thought I'd bring up payment for this thing with the missus today, i suggested the 6 pack of Corona they are selling at the shop down the road in a fancy metal Corona bucket with ice in it? She said i just bought you a new fancy pillow cos' your old one stank of sweat & your a tight ass to buy things like that! Well, if i want the Corona? I probably have to buy it myself!

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