NFR Teardrop trailers - any insights?

Skip Enge

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This link was given as an idea...For a $500-ish weekend I could order a trailer and assemble and start the build.....the problem we have is we don't have a rig that would tow comfortably about 1400 lbs loaded. I have a 95 toyota pu extended and an auto trans and Ellen a 10 year old Honda CRV... 4 cylinder vehicles...I have gotten a 1200 load of dirt in my toyota truck...but it was in the bed . not hanging on the arse end of it...I had bolstered the suspension...I can drive it loaded...but I take the back roads home and it is flat...and still have aholes riding my arse...because everyone speeds here...I am going full curmudgeon. I guess in my life now I am not in a hurry...Ha!
Thanks everyone for your input and thoughts...
$60 a night and a 2-night minimum for our rental. We've found it very enjoyable, easy to tow, and no set up meaning you get to enjoy your trip that much quicker and spend more time outside rather than tearing down.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I looked into getting a teardrop when I first moved to the PNW. My ex-wife's idea of camping was to literally bring everything, including a kitchen sink, and shove it in the back of the car.

The cost was pretty high for the amnesties that we wanted in a teardrop. So we rented a couple of times and found that it really wasn't for us.

Eventually, after a lot of research, we then went with a roof-top tent for any of our long road-trips. Perfect for two or three people, everything is still centralized in the back of the car, and it's significantly cheaper than a teardrop. Yet, it's still camping in a sense.... just on top of your car.


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Skip, still a remarkably clever concept over 50 years later. I am surprised that another manufacturer hasn't "invented" it in recent years. It even has the tailgate step-something Ford just recently "invented". Imagine the utility that roof function would have in a modern SUV. In some instances it would obviate the need for a monster Belchfire pickup that cost over $50K. It would really be cool for car camping-you could stand up to get dressed!

Jim B

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Just saw a small teardrop camper this morning FOR SALE on the south side of North 30th St, just down the hill from Junett St, in Tacoma....was flying by on my way to work, so didn't get a pic or the phone number.

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