Wholly Sauk Batman !


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Hmmmm, a little big somethin for them Sauk fish

Hook(s) Mustad 3399A #4 ( just was handy- could use any hooks you wanted.)

thread- hot pink Danville 6/0

Rear hook-

Butt ; Orange ICE dubbing
Orange bucktail to the sides
LiteBrite shrimp pink flash trailing
topped with GP breast feather

Step 2

Hot pink hackle wrapped over dubbed orange ICE halfway.
On top ;two dark G.Pheasant breast feathers as a wing.

Step 3;

Repeat step 2 for front half of rear hook and tie off. Take rear hook out of vice.

Connect the two what ever you wish but I just use dacron backing with about 1" in between ( eye to bend)

2nd hook

Long orange bucktail tyed streaming over rear hook above and below. Top that with Shrimp pink Lite-Brite flash.Then top that with two hot pink cock hackles tyed streaming over the rear and all topped with 2 dark GP breast feathers tyed flat.

tie in pink cock hackle and dub orange ICE dubbing half way then palmer the hackle forward. repeat two GP breast feathers flat on top and tie in another pink cock hackle and dub a body well short of hook eye. repeat the palmering process and tie in 2 or 3 more GP breast feathers over the top.Tie in two wide pink cock hackles pointed forward then fold over and tye back splayed down and to the sides. Dub a nice area of orange ICE dubbing behind head and finish off !!!

Cut off front hook at end of shank.

Finished fly is about 5" long. But with a fish friendly smaller hook. :thumb:




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Bob Triggs said:
When are you going to break down and buy a real fly tying vise you cheapskate?!

I might actually get a Peak vise- after I do I "might" even use it once in awhile.

This guy and me are old friends you know?- too hard to let go of.

I use my Regal when I tye most of my trout stuff. But my hand gets sore from pulling on the lever. Kinda like the old slot machines and the arm issues. LOL