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Aloha, just got back from a trip to the 49th state, beautiful scenery

Went offshore for Halibut out of Ninilchick

Crazy landing on the beach

1st butt, they had an over under limit, this is the small one, got another about 30lbs. last time i was here I got a 110lb and a 70lber, now those are pretty rare.

cool Orthodox church there

Then went on the kenai for a couple of days with Dallas and Dustin Baldwin for the trout opener.

Dallas with a nice bow

Emily with a nice one

I got on the board

Got to get out and wade some

Got a nice dollie, looks like a bull trout

Rio was good company, lots of kisses

I got this 22 incher, largest trout for two days. They have some 30 inchers inthe system, it was good fun, but a lot of indicator fishing.
It was a fun trip and glad to be back in Hawaii, big ahi, 200b plus are around, going out this week. Mems

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Hell yeah! I keep reading these reports of awesome trout fishing...I'm going to make it up there yet!
And those "chicken butts" are better eatin, anyways. Gotta admit that those legendary "barn doors" sure look like a whole lotta nice work, in some of those older fishing charter photos.
I think I'd almost rather be Ahi fishing in the Sandwich Isles....That said, I might have a "local albacore" (commercial caught, landed in Westport, canned in South Bend) sandwich for lunch tomorrow!
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Beautiful area looks like you had a lot of fun. My bro in laws parents have their commercial fishing operation on the beach a couple of miles north of there. Got to get back up there.

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