Do you prefer predictability when fishing?


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This thread is boring. I think I’d rather discuss how we become bad asses while fly fishing.
People who try to be bad ass invariably aren't. That much is predictable.

Wore my Simms hoody yesterday and avoided sunburn in the 91* heat. The snake, or is it digital, camo pattern should have helped me into a fish. It didn't.


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I fished this weekend at my lakehouse. Its always been a surfing /wakeboard lake for me. We had a little kid over for the weekend and she asked me to catch her a trout. I found the 2wt and headed out using the old paddle boat. I caught a fish every few minutes, nothing over 13”, stocked trout.
I rolled back into the house and explaned to her dad how it was constant action.
The kid wasn’t having it, so we will try again the next time they visit.
I wasnt expecting to catch fish so frequently and i expected the kid to jump all over the opportunity. Oh well.
Half of the pleasure I get from the sport is the hunt. The hours put in studying maps, water data, etc. is rewarding. Exploring wild places is rewarding. When I'm at that sweet looking rock or run, if I trick a trout is gravy. That being said, I do still get frustrated when I don't catch anything on an outing, but I'm really working to eliminate that. Lately, I've been mixing up exploring new water and predictability in the same trip. I explore new parts of a river, but also a few honey holes that I know hold fish along the way. Nice balance that way.
I don't mind predictability if it means pulling so many 24" trout out of my local creek that the water level drops.:)

But seriously, no. Variety is the spice of life. I think I'd get tired fishing the same stretch of the same stream time after time, even if the catching was good. It might take me a while to get tired of it, but I would eventually.

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When I fish with my son predictability leads to incessant demands to fish all the time, so a good skunking now and then will quiet that and restore the cosmic balances of serenity and effort. When I fish though, the most annoying outing is the one where predictably there are no fish.