29 Pines campground

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It's like this. In my younger days I felt just about invincible, and regularly did things like high end alpine rock and waterfall ice climbing. Wading never seemed like any kind of big deal, and I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that if I went in it wouldn't amount to any more than a dunking.

Now I'm 64 with a hinky back, nowhere near the strength and balance I used to have, and no illusions that getting swept in would be likely to go well. I found myself pushing it last weekend while working my up a river. At the end of the day I backed off of a crossing that I'd made without much problem in the past. I ended up getting lucky and being able to hitch a ride back to my car (which was on the other side of the river and several miles downstream,) or it might have gotten ugly. I'm now going to be dialing the adventure level down another notch.
When I was a lot younger I would wade up to my neck if I wanted to get to a better hole. Now I don't even crawl over rocks to get close to a river. Big Chicken here in Fishing. I have found out that you don't need to beat yourself to death to catch fish. Here in Montana, I have found a few places that I can drive to, park get out and catch fish.


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For the record, the campsite was great. We went on Thursday night so maybe we missed all the wacks? Large campsites with lots of space between. Can't complain. Beautiful up there.

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