Montana Rivers

I'm drying out at home after a rainy/windy week in Yellowstone Park. Last day, even the Firehole was bank-high and coffee-colored. The Jefferson was worse, and I hear there are emergency road closures.


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Rock Creek had been down almost to normal runoff levels until the recent rains. Back over 3000 CFS and chocolate when I left yesterday. Fisherman drowned on Sunday just below Harry's Flat when his raft caught in a log jam and flipped. Found him 4 miles downstream.

Jamie Dow

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With more rain forecast, doubt anything changes too quickly. Even if you catch a fish with huge wire worms and a half pound of lead shot, you're fighting the current, not the fish.

And by all means,be careful. At these flows, no room for error. Most fishing guides I would guess are not equally skilled in Swiftwater Rescue.

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