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My wife is going to a conference in Spokane for 3 days starting August 6th. She is trying to talk me into going with her. Before committing I’d like to figure out what I’m going to do during the day. It looks like parts of the NF CDA are only about an hour from Spokane. Is this even an option? I understand that it’s quite busy with other recreational users but I would get an early start hopefully before the inner tubers got too thick. Is there other moving water that would be fishable at that time in the area? I don’t think I want to drive too far from Spokane. I am totally clueless on the area and any suggestions are appreciated! PM me if you want.


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The Spokane river has some trout and it's much closer and you wouldn't need an Idaho fishing license. I've fished it upstream of the falls and it went pretty good, even in populated areas. Trespassing wasn't a problem for me but it was quite a few years ago.


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CDA is a great river, lots of good floats or walk and wade spots. I just got back from fishing it today and had alot of luck. It's about an hour drive to any decent spots from Spokane. The St Joe is also fairly close and good to fish. If time is on your side I'd choose CDA river but if not the Spokane river is a great fishery too. Lower or upper, I'd go below the dam. Better fishing. Just dont mind the homeless camps when you find a pull out to fish.
You should be able to get some decent fishing in without to much work. The guys at Silverbow Fly Shop are a great resources. Fishing on the Spokane can be good for sure. The CDA can be good but that time of year may be tough with the lower flows and the number of people on the river. My experience in August is LOTS of people on the river. I generally fish the CDA in the spring and early summer and then fish it again in the fall. There are lots of lakes around as well if you toss in a float tube. You might also look into fishing the Little Spokane river.

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wishin i was fishin
Thank you for the replies. It sounds like my best bet might be the Spokane if I don't want to drive too far. I don't mind driving, but driving to a crowded river that's really low doesn't make much sense. I'll definitely hit up Silverbow for some info.

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