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I picked up this today at a Pawn Shop in Spokane for $250.00
I know of this rod and it’s reputation but not really what to expect, and did I get a good deal?
Seems pretty solid and I see it as a good dry fly travel rod and fills a gap for me as I don’t have a 4-weight.

Thoughts, opinions, inputs?

Thanks in advance. D1B61F65-39D1-438D-8BF5-7FDA7E7FABAC.jpeg

o mykiss

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I have that rod. Can't say whether that is a good deal or not. I like mine a lot for dry fly fishing but prefer to use it when on foot. Five pieces makes it a bit of a pain to bring on a boat unless you can stow it somewhere without having to break it down. I consider it to be a true 5 weight. In fact I think it fishes best with one of those SA MPX lines that is a half weight heavier more than a true 5 weight line. YMMV
If it fills in a gap then you scored. Looks like it comes with a second tip if I'm counting right (6 pieces right?) and you could easily sell it for what you have in but could get more for sure. Hope you enjoy it. Tight lines!
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I was looking at one on Ebay a little while back. Wrote about it in another thread. I was hoping to steal it, more as a curiosity than a fishing stick. I think it eventually went for about what you paid for it.

Look up that thread. They talked a lot about that rod. It has a big following.

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