As good as they look, they are rubbish!

Was going through fly boxes today & honestly don't know why these were still in there! DSC_1737.JPG I think the ready-made extended bodies & wings were from Hemingway, but i could be wrong? Anyway they are shit, the fly casts shit! It lands on the water shit! Also sits on the water shit! They look fantastic in the fly box, but that's it! These will get razored & hooks used for nymphs!


I was once interested in extended body dry flies and tried a number of different designs. I found that most extended body patterns with wings made from hard materials had a tendency to "helicopter" down to the water surface when casting so they never landed or floated upright.

I gave up on trying realistic wings and went with a parachute style collar and post. Kept the extended body and they did land and float properly but you know what? They didn't work any better than a normal parachute pattern and in some cases, even a traditionally tied fly like a Royal Wulff.

Model insects do look great but as far as catching more fish than more common "representative" patterns, like a parachute or hair-wing dun, I haven't found that they do.
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They do look like Hemmingway. Just bought lots to tie pretty much the same as you Adam. Thought they would be easier than the Wally wings but never even thought about castability and overall presentation. I think I will still tie a few up
Yellow Sallies ??
Not sure of that name, but they are only around in this corner of the globe in that colour for only a couple of weeks when spring turns to summer, the area i live has had dry warm to hot springs/summers for a fair few years now, lot of low water & was the time of year dryfly men waited 50 weeks for!

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