What the heck is this about?


Fish Taco..... now I get it ...

OMJ... I don't know where it originated. Someone sent the photo to me as an e-mail.

Skip Enge

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The first 2 are Jims, the rest are mine...Nellie Fly made with hair from a friends dog in the background of the shot, Penguin in Bondage is a nod to Frank Zappa, the Shrunken head is tied with my beard trimmings...Why? well we do a little New Years Eve fishing trip to a pay to play place we call Ludicrous Lake and pinhead pond...Pinhead is closed now and used as a rearing pond. We tie weird stuff...it adds to the challenge...One year Jim caught a nice trout on my Red Baron fly ...a little red biplane made of sheet foam...Jim skated it and a fish finally took it...Most of the time we freeze our arses off...In the last 5 years ish we have missed a fewor a couple annual outings...because of the at our age it's too damn cold...


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DAMN.... i quit Facebook for good back in February because i wasted too much time on it and i didn’t like the obligations that went with it - i.e. wishing people i don’t know that well a happy birthday or posting on their 845th picture of their grandbaby and saying ‘awww how precious’....not to mention the political stuff but had i known you were there i would have wanted to be friends Jim!!!

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