Rising/Fishpond Large Wading Net Alternative Solution ($37)


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Like many others, I opted out of spending $150+ on a net. Originally I sprang for the cheap 16" x 12" hoop with rubber net that can be found at Walmart, eBay etc. However, these nets don't hold fish over 20" with much security (bags are only 9" or 10" deep). After extensive online searching, I was unable to find another cheap net in a larger hoop size with a larger/deeper rubber bag. Rising Nets and Fishpond sell such nets, but you pay the price. Here is the solution I came up with:

Danielson Wading Net 20" x 16" hoop, fixed 9" handle ($19 eBay)

Replacement Rubber Net for 18" x 18" hoop, 14" deep plus stretch ($18 eBay)
s-l1600 (1).jpg

Unscrewed hoop from handle, cut out knotless net, installed rubber net, hit handle with a little spray paint, chopped down rubber grip, and reassembled.

What it lacks in finish quality it greatly makes up for in price ($37). Hopefully this helps someone who is looking for a larger wading net.
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Ahh, a legacy to my Uncle Gus.
He started the Danielson company (named after himself) sometime after the war (the “big one”). Originally importing cheap fishing gear from Japan, he used to say that even in down economic times fishermen would still go fishing. They’d still need cheap, pre-tied snelled hooks and swivels (and landing nets). Lots of swivels though.
My Grandmas sister, Aunt Lillian tied flies for Shoffs Sporting Goods and rumor has it that’s where they met.
The Danielson company has since been sold.
Pretty cool to see Uncle Gus’s old company make it onto the pages of WFF.
Resourceful mod’ to the “Danielson” net @Mike22 !

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