Not a Hero shot, a tribute to Slate Run

Jerry Daschofsky

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I saw the Hero Shot thread, and got me thinking today. Just wrapped up the OPFF hosted trip on Pooh's pond here in Port Angeles. I have a special rod that was given to me, and finally put it to use.

I never was one to take hero shots, still really don't. Most pics I have of me are ones family has taken. If we did take pics, it's only of dead fish. If it was to be released, it was to be released ASAP with only the memory of fish.

May I give you a gift for all your service to PHW? This would have to stay with you though. No fair putting it in the PHW collection!


I've been given a lot of gifts in the program, and I rarely keep them. I usually pass them onto a soldier in my program. Dave (Slate Run) donated all his gear to PHWFF, including books, tying, etc. He wasn't able to make it to meet point since he was very sick. But his wife and son had gift ready for me. Brand new Sage one 5wt switch with SA reel and spare spool let up with Skagit head system and floater integrated line. Plus a box full of trout dredging patterns. I was really in awe of this gift. Thanked him via PM here. Literally had me in tears. Little did I know that Dave would pass away a week after I received this message in late January 2017. I've had a hard time actually fishing the rod. Finally broke it out today. Caught several fish with it in its first outing. Figured I owed it to Dave to use it. Love the rod, will be my Yakima River rod.

So leave you with my not a Hero shot. Just a beautiful day on the water.


Thank you Dave, I never met you, but feel you're here with me.

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OMJ crushing the life out of yet another thread, nice work as usual.

Thanks for sharing Jerry. Look forward to a Yakima trip report this fall where you skate a dozen rainbows up with that rod.
What did I say that was wrong. I was commenting on where he was fishing at. I read the thread I didn't knock that. If I knew the guy I would of said something kind. But I was commenting on the fishing.
I never met Dave, but I would have to assume that he took his name, Slate Run, from a wonderful small stream by that name in North Central Pennsylvania. It’s a beautiful thing that he did, to donate all his fishing gear to PHWFF, and to give you that rod and reel.
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David Loy

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Very sorry to hear of Dave’s passing, but not surprised too much of his gift to you. I met Dave over coffee three years or so back, buying some MOW tips from him. We had a very pleasant conversation. He was as nice a guy as you could hope to meet or fish with. I considered him a friend even though we only met the one time. Clearly he appreciated your work with the vets Jerry.