Extra Select Craft Fur alternatives?

I’ve been tying up bass bugs using this material, but I was wondering if anyone here is using any alternatives that do the same thing. OR have a way of cutting cost on purchasing this type of material.

Congo Hair is too "kinky" for that specific pattern, as is their water silk product. Said fibers, however, will tie some similar (and likely similarly effective) patterns.

I have found some good craft fur at some craft stores (Joanne Fabrics, Hob Lob, etc.), but the fibers usually aren't as long as the extra select stuff from hareline. But, at like $2 for a 18" by 6" patch, it sure does save the money.

I have heard of some guys going to the dollar store and finding what is basically doll hair for pretty cheap and in a variety of colors. That might be worth a look?

Good Luck!

Go to the Goodwill and by a cheesy old fake fur coat. You will never run out and can dye different parts different colors. I doubt you can ever beat that price for the volume.

This won't save money, but a few of those bugs tied with EP fibers would be badass.

Ryan Janos

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Try TJ Maxx/Homegoods. They have 3" faux fur carpets in ~2'x3' for about $20. You can cut them into squares/strips and dye them to your heart's content. I put mine next to craft fur and other than being a little bit shorter they look and feel the exact same.

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