Floating the Sky

I and two other guys from this forum are thinking of floating the Sky in the near future. However, we would do the float in pontoon boats. How dangerous might this be on a river this size? For example, floating from the boat launch at the Wallace river Bridge down to the take-out at Monroe (i.e., the SR203 bridge) seems like a reasonable full-day float.

Any thoughts? Comments? Advice?

Thanks, in advance.




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The float from the sultan river launch to the lewis st bridge is cake in a pontoon boat. Can't say what it's like up to the wallace though. As far as time goes, you may have to pace yourself. The river has good numbers of fish in it, and there are so many gravel bars and other nice spots that you'll want to work very thoroughly. You may want to consider cutting that trip in half and just taking you sweet time in each run.

Does anyone know of a place to rent pontoon boats?


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Just did Sultan to Ben Howard a couple days ago. We passed up several runs and it still took us 8 hours. The runs we did fish we fished at what I would judge a brisk pace even for summer-runs. One fish was hooked on the island below Two Bit, but got away . I won't tell you which channel. Let's just say that both sides are good!
Water was 54 degress... perfect.
As the others report, pontoon boats would be a breeze from Sultan. Not sure about above the Wallace. Nothing to worry about below the Wallace though.
Good luck.


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Having floated all the sections of the sky from high bribge to monroe a think you should be o.k. There are a few tricky spots below high bridge, but I think they are all above where the Wallace comes in. I hope you are experienced in river fishing from pontoon boats as it can be dangerous for a rookie. from sultan to monroe would be easier for a beginner. anyway, I was there on tuesday at reiter with my father (he's been hittin the sky for over 20 years, but he doesn't use a fly rod) he landed a fish on his first cast. damn bait chuckers! He caught another steelhead this morning. I just shake my head in disquist, but he is a pro at the sport. Anyway he thinks most of the fish have moved into the upper river - i.e. above sulton. good luck! YT :THUMBSUP
You can rent Outcast pontoon boats from Dana at Swiftwater in Fremont area of Seattle. His phone number is 206-547-3377, and he's usually closed on Wednesdays.
I floated this route ( putting in the Wallace at the rest area to Monroe) aboout 25 years ago. The Wallace is no problem.

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