New hook brands / style questions

Hey all,

Seems that have been some "new" brands popping up recently. I think in most cases they're not new as much as now-imported. But either way they're new to me. And several of these brands have the longer, thinner points and wider gapes.

So...anybody have much experience with this style of hook? Does it work noticeably better and hooking and holding? Do you have any experience/reports on Hanak, Fulling Mills, Firehole Sticks, or Ahrex hook brands?


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I bought two different styles of Ahrex hooks (NS110) and am pretty much saving them for saltwater use. They are perhaps the sharpest hooks ever (@Stonefish may have posted a picture of a bloody digit when tying on an Ahrex). I purchased two different styles of Dohiku hooks (jig and blob stuff). I like factory barbless Dohiku hooks a lot.
I purchased two different styles of Dohiku hooks (jig and blob stuff). I like factory barbless Dohiku hooks a lot.
Good to know. There is yet another brand that is new to me. Many of these seem to be stemming the from the European competitive fishing.


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Firehole Sticks are pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty damn good hooks. Try some.
I avoid the really, really sharp ones for two reasons...
1...I've have had some super sharp (barbless) hooks go thru the roof of the fish's mouth out the top of the head.
2...While tyin' one night, I slid the side of my thumb to the bend on a size 6 shad fly. (thankful it was barbless.
I'm another Firehole fan. I like the wide gapes, barbless nature, and SHARPNESS!

I tie dozens and dozens of Pink Squirrels for Wisconsin's Driftless area. This fly, done properly, is very bushy and the dubbing will hide the hook point with a regular hook. With Firehole, the hook stands proud of the dubbing, and I like to think it means more hook ups. It probably also means more caught in rocks at the bottom, but that's how I know I'm fishing deep enough, as they seem to work best rolled right along the stream bottom.
I have been using Hanak, Ahrex, and Fulling Mill barbless hooks for the past few years. The Hanak and Ahrex don't straighten out with big fish...the Mustads are now retired for that reason. The Fulling Mill barbless trout hooks are the strongest I have found...I tie a lot of large dries for river fishing here in BC and the Mustads I was using straightened or broke off far too often.


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I've switched to almost exclusively firehole sticks. I love the shape and variation you can get in them, especially the wide gap nature. I definitely feel (mainly a feeling, not a ton of solid evidence) like they stick on and hold better than other hooks I've used.